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Default Re: HDX card still only shows 256 tracks

Originally Posted by reichman View Post
Orchestral sessions with overdubs, mixing in-the-box and recording multiple formats (stereo, 5.1, 7.1...) into the same session. That eats up voices. And sometimes music sessions happen at 96k, so getting all of that into 128 voices on a native system is hard.
That makes sense. Itís a matter of workflow. When i wanna go between formats i just always naturally started a new session. Iíve never worked on a 7.1 session though. But between 5.1 and Stereo Iíve always just started on a stereo session. And when i wanted to go to 5.1 i just created a new session and imported. Itís an extra few steps, but itís always worked for me. I never even thought to do it in the same session. Didnít even know it was possible. Lol Iíd love to be able to sit in with somebody and learn that one.
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