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Default Re: Sample Rate Mismatch! (clock 44.1, PT 48)

I'm really confuzzled....

Session created at 48, clock at 44.1...

Creating a new 44.1 session and importing session data yields a 48k sounding print, and/or bounce.

That new 44.1 session plays incorrectly at 44.1 clock. It's pitched up like a 48 sample rate.

Tried SRC and non SRC session data import, with the exact same results.

I've exported 44.1 consolidated clips from:
48 session/44.1 clock
48 session/48 clock
44.1 session/48 clock
44.1 session/44.1 clock

Importing the different 44.1 exports into a 44.1 session, everything plays back at what sounds to be a 48k sample rate.

When importing the 44.1 audio into a new 48k session, tracks play correctly. But, anything printed or bounced at 44.1 still sounds 48k sample rate.

I've looked at and modified headers in Workspace AND in SoundHack....

NOTHING seems to matter... every time I print or bounce... I get incorrect sample rate... regardless of what it sounds like on playback within ProTools.

This is the only time I've had this glitch happen, and it really does seem like ProTools is experiencing a serious bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. I've imported session data without SRC and had the files all turn out fine... So, it's not making much sense as to what I'm doing wrong, if I'm really doing anything wrong.

If I can't correctly resample the tracks on import, nor export them from within ProTools, then it has to be an issue with 10HD, correct?

Could it be that the conversion just needs to be done on another machine because of some goofy session file corruption?

Mac, PT 10 TDM, HD3.....

Thanks for any advice or thoughts on how to cure this mess.

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