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Originally Posted by panamajack View Post
When did Avid change the name of pcie cards to XL?
They didn't. It's my own terminology that confused folks. Here is the breakdown...

The first HD cards were PCI cards or PCIx cards. They had less power than the so called ACCEL cards that came out later.

An original HD1 core card had the same power as what they called a process card. HD2 had a core and a process card. HD3 had a core and 2 process cards.

Then they came out with the ACCEL cards (which I call XL cards for short). So the PCI version was then HD1 = 1 process card. HD2 = one core card (process card) and an ACCEL card. HD3 was core (process card) and 2 ACCEL cards.

Then when they made the move to PCIe, the core card became an ACCEL card so a PCIe HD3 system had more horse power than a PCI HD3 system.

That is the reason I make the distinction between HD, and HDXL. I design systems for studios and consult, so I have to make these distinctions so that everyone get's the power they need on up through HD6 ect.

So no, Avid never changed the name of a PCIe card to XL. But they did change a process card to an ACCEL card, and you can only get an ACCEL core card as a PCIe card.
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