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Default PT 6.8.1 crashes at start (Unexpectedly quit)mbox2

Greetings, I just purchased a M-box 2. I'm running a G4 dual 867 osX 10.3.9. I did the OS update from 10.2 (which came with my machine). I tried to install PT and re-install to no avail. I didn't even get to launch PT for the 1st time and put in the Autho.E very time I try to launch PT, the load screen show for a second and then throws to the " The application PT 6.8.1 unexpectedly quit, the system and other applications have not been effected, would you like to submit a bug report to apple". What gives. Please help, I'm loosing my hair over this problem.
G4 Dual 867, OS 10.3.9, M-Box 2
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