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Default PT9 Windows 64 Bit and Current Plugins

I am considering buying a Lynx AES16 PCIE card for my i7 PC. I now have a DIGI002 with an Apogee AD16X as a front end. I want to increase my number of recording tracks, lower latency, and get rid of occasional pops and clicks. I've been told a PCIe card would accomplish my goal. To do this, I have to upgrade to Windows 7 and purchase the PT9 upgrade. I am now on XP. My question: On a PC, if I go to Windows 7 64 bit and PT9, should I be able to use my current 3rd party plugins. I have to many to list, but I have most of the big ones and many virtual instruments. My Sweetwater Rep told me I'd have to upgrade all of them. This will determine my purcahase because so many plugins would take alot of unavailable time.
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