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Default PT 8 hates me and i'll fight it if I have to

I'm having a colossal mounting of failures trying to get PT 8 on my iMac.

I got to install all the software on my system, and i've also got as far as being able to update the firmware on my 003 Rack. But as soon as the auth code prompt box arrives, my code won't work.

Now i've done everything as per the booklet - following all the upgrade steps, installed all the PT8 software, but the launch and authorization is a hurdle I can't cross.

I've gone to Digi online and activated my authorization code, to which another code of similar sequencing came back at me (which, i'm informed by my prompt, is the code to use).

I've copied this across to the PT8 activation prompt anticipating the new toy to play with, but my validation gets knocked back each time. I've hand-typed this in, tried it with spaces instead of dashes, no spaces at all, got someone else to try their luck, but I've hit a brick wall.

I've just read in the install pamphlet 'Look for a code that begins with the letters DIGI'... but I never got a code that starts with DIGI (from the digi site anyway). The code I got, like i've said is of similar sequence to the code received in the PT8 hardcopy. Apart from my old PT 7.3 auth code, I have no codes that begin with DIGI. And yes, i've tried putting DIGI in front of my received activation code, also the code on the card in the DVD case, and i've tried my PT 7.3 activation code also. I've also tried all these codes with spaces, dashes, nothing, and in every variation I can think of that might be what i'm supposed to do... no glory.

Codes, codes, codes... I'm sick of them!!!

Help me Digi support, what am I doing wrong?!!
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