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heres the problem-when we use our plug-in setting save function our fonts change and come back looking like this Fi.. Ed.. Set... etc. It happened on both computers. The only thing old in the new computer is our protools cards and our 2 barracudas 4.5gb.Our barracudas were on the external scsi on our old computer and now we are running them on the internal bus with a viking II as our system drive.The fact that it happened on both computers has really got us woundering if it staring us right in the face. But at this point i just don't know.Also we were running the fonts on chicago style and the monitor was on thousands of colors. we tried them on 256 and same thing happened
Please reply????
We have just upgraded to a new computer(g3/300 biege tower).we were using 7300/180 and we had the same problem plus a bunch of others too. Then we upgraded to a new computer with 4.3.1 and 8.5 OS
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