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Default Re: Midnam files and Coreaudio for HD Native still does't work?

Originally Posted by tonykitowicz View Post
Ok got it working.

I had to edit the midnam files, I had the manufacture name included on the Model line. When I removed that, so only the manufacture name was in the manufacture node, and only model was in the model node then ProTools loaded the midterm files automagically.

So my problems with the midterm files were:

1) ensure the device is added in the MIDI setup and connected.
2) ensure the device name and model match what is in the midnam file.
3) ensure the manufacture and model node inside the midnam file are the same as what is added in MIDI setup.
Are you on a PC or Mac? PC has worked fine for all versions. It's the Mac that's been broken since 11 was introduced.
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