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Default Re: Midnam files and Coreaudio for HD Native still does't work?

My system was a clean install of OS and PT's.
I then put my known working MIDI dev and patch-names into their locations.

Library>Audio>MIDI Devices (Here I put both .midnam and .middev files)
AlsoAlthough I believe this is redundant)
Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names>M-Audio (.midnam file)

Launched Pro Tools, added a midi track, called up my sound module checked the Patch and there were the names.
(I had tried this prior to 12.1 on a different system without success)

My testing midi sound module is the M-Audio Sono 61(GM)
I did build the midinames files way back when PT's 9 maybe..Avid required us to do that work.
(A few years back for sure)
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