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Default Midnam file still doesn't work?


So I upgraded my vanilla license to 12.1 because I thought I saw that patch files/midnam was working again. Got it installed on Yosemite with no previous 11 or 12 install. And of course the patch files fail to load with 12.1 telling me

"either manufacture/model information or instrument mode do not match".

The midman files worked in 10 and before. Is there something else I need to do to get it work and be assigned to MIDI tracks?

Also in the release notes you still can't use HD Native interface in core audio. It still says you need to delete the core audio driver if you have Native Instruments installed. Is this to prevent using HD Native interface with other software? Or just so low on the priority list that it will never get fixed?

Thanks for any information that might prove me wrong and make either of these features work.
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