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Default Re: Artist Mix not connecting

I am connecting direct to the computer via Ethernet cable.

Tried a different cable - nothing (no rectangles, just AVID logos)

Tried (again) setting both Artist and Network to DHCP - nothing

Tried (again) setting a static IP, following the guide on AVID support page - nothing

Always power cycling computer, Artist Mix and EuCon.

Seems to me the unit is not receiving the correct IP from Ethernet, pushing page up and down together to check the IP address shows different fields tha the Network Prefs. (eg Artist Mix:; Network Prefs, set to DHCP: Subnet mask is the same)

Is there some rep in Italy I can talk to?
Avid Artist Mix, Mac Mini 2018 i7 6-core 3,2 GHz, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, Logic Pro X 10.6.0
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