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Default Re: Two Things I Can't Get To Work

Thanks for the response. Yeah, that must be it. The D-Mon definitely binds to the WS software because I see it "talking" to the S6 as its doing it plus I can control the D-Mon correctly with the S6. Along with the amazing acoustic correction processor, it's pretty great. So I'll just leave that as it is.

As for the "Display Knobs from Most Recently Clicked DAW Area" issue, I'm beginning to think I really don't know what to expect it to do so I'm probably missing the whole thing entirely.

And the "error triangle" over the WS icon is just an annoyance since I can restart the WS s/w and it goes away and everything seems to work. I only worry about those things because they are sometimes indications of something else that's not right that hasn't been discovered yet.
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