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Default Re: Two Things I Can't Get To Work

Originally Posted by rus5 View Post
Just upgraded to 19.5. Some excellent stuff in there! For some reason, I can't get "Enable Eucon Monitor" to do anything. I'm using a Trinnov D-Mon as a monitor controller. It's specifically designed to work with the S6 and seems to do so very well. But is it possible it's "interfering" somehow?
In the Release notes, there's a known issue with monitoring.

I don't know the Trinnov "restart eucon connection" method but in essence on DADman (MTRX, AX32) and Xmon, you just have to keep retrying until it connects. It eventually connects but there's no rhyme/reason what makes it finally work. Sounds like you are in the same boat (as these all talk via Eucon, it wouldn't surprise me.)

I put it on the monitoring page on the MTM, leave pro tools closed, and then open/close DADman until it connects (graphics update on the MTM and the setup lights lock for monitoring.) Then I open Pro Tools. It's all stable unless you restart the computer -- then you might have to repeat the process.
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