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Default Re: 25pin dsub / blue ray

Originally Posted by Frank Kruse View Post
Any BD player with analogue outs will do. (just do a search on you favourite online store). Or buy a HDMI de-embedder with 7.1 analogue outs.

And then you just need to adapt from RCA to Sub-D (probably via XLR unless you want to solder it yourself)


Just make sure you pick the right pin layout for your desk. (Yamaha or Tascam, your manual will know).
We use Oppo BDP 95 but Oppo stopped manufacturing players a while ago.

So if you a buy a player with integrated line outputs (post internal decoding) youŽll also need some form of balancing unit, to convert unbalanced RCAŽs to balanced XLR line level. Active are better, passive will work with around a 6 db loss comparing to regular balanced line levels Examples:



The other more expensive way, is to also have a receiver with balanced outs placed in between the player and your Audient.

Paulo M
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