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The PT5LE I saw at AES does not have some of the advanced editing functions of PT5 - like non-consecutive region selection (a rather odd omission), or the keyboard shortcuts. And, as has already been pointed out, no TC timeline. I didn't check if there is a SMPTE setup window for pull-down or frame rate or session start, although since there is no TC timeline there is little use for them.

To answer Mj, PT5LE lacks the most fundamental aspect of audio post-production work (TC timeline) and therefore I view it as strictly an upgrade for music professionals. It is not being touted as an upgrade for post professionals using AMIII cards or Powerbook/Powermix combos so I am not considering it as such. However, as there is no indication of a PT5LE-post version or product direction in this regard, and since the post specific items that have been removed from LE are not due to technical considerations but marketing issues, it is only natural that the user base will exhibit frustration and confusion. And Digidesign's own marketing has touted the AMIII as a excellent complement to a PT-TDM system for us post users - the Star Wars articles notwithstanding.

As one of the stated goals of PT5 was cross-platform consistancy, and Powermix was, I believe, a Mac exclusive item, perhaps this was key to driving the decision to drop it. But perhaps in the future there may be a different Powermix that is cross-platform. We can always hope.
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