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Default Re: Mbox 2 Pro isn't turning on, Please Help!

Originally Posted by greedismysin View Post
Hello, I have Pro Tools 11, Macbook Pro Late 2013, Mbox 2 Pro, Mavericks OSX 10.9.4.

Pro Tools 11 installed and works fine, but my Mbox 2 Pro isnt turning on at all. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from avid, but its still not coming on. I have the mbox 2 pro connected via firewire to thunderbolt. The box was blinking orange at one point in time, then I downloaded the drivers and it won't come on any more. I was thinking maybe it was the OSX 10.9.4 and I was trying to downgrade to 10.9.3, but I have no way of doing that. I was even trying to downgrade to Mountain Lion, but I tried and read that I can't downgrade my OSX with the Late 2013 models. I have read that some people have 10.9.4 and mbox 2 pro and their mbox comes on and works perfectly fine. If anyone has any ideas, please help me, because i've tried everything I can think of. Thanks
Hello. I have also Mavericks 10.9.4, MacBook Pro and Mbox 2 Pro with PT 10 at the moment and had same problems. I found certain things to check and now setup works mainly ok:

First, make sure you download driver 10.3.3 from here, system restarts after install:

Install driver and confirm from your control panel (Mbox 2 Pro icon) that Mbox Pro has firmware updated and lights should now turn on to your mbox. I had problem first that after shutdown or restart Mbox was not turned on anymore. Also whole computer crashed couple of times. For big part of solution was that I used FW 400/800 adapter connected to my FW800 slot in MBP: FW 400 for Mbox and FW 800 for ext. drive -->Then I bought FW800 --> thunderbolt adapter and connected ext. drive to that and left FW only for Mbox. Then system started work more stabile and now even after computer restart Mbox 2 is recognized automatically.

So my advice is to check how your other devices are connected, they SURELY can affect on how MBP works, at least in Mavericks. This was not the case for Lion when no such issues were there.

But still it seems drivers for Mavericks are not yet fully supported for Mavericks 10.9.4 at least because when computer goes to sleep mode and return with Mbox connected, system will crash. I'd like ask Avid to make update Mbox 2 Pro drivers still more stabile.

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