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Default Re: 2019.6 freezes every 5 or so seconds

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I've been running 2019.6 on an Mbox2 on a new beefed up PC Quad I7-7700 CPU, 16 GB RAM, all SSD drives 1 for the OS another for data and it worked like a charm, was so much faster than ever before but overnight it went down the drain. Worked great last night and today whatever I do it freezes every 5 seconds or so for roughly a second, the counters stop and the scroll line stops, Audio continues usually but sometimes it just stops. It's almost unusable now. No new hardware or software installed in the last couple of months so it's out of the blue. Anyone else seeing this?
I'm not a PC guy but it sounds like some other PC/OS process is either spiking the CPU or accessing the disk. I get a similar thing on my Mac if I forget to delay the two backup processes I run while using Pro Tools.
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