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Default Low Latency Monitoring question


Since I have issues with clicks/pops at low buffer sizes, I typically use higher buffer rates along with low-latency monitoring when tracking.

The problem comes when tracking vocals. I rely on plugins for reverb, and singers typically want to hear reverb on their voice during tracking. So when I have low-latency monitoring enabled, they obviously don't hear any plugins that are present on the vocal track.

What I have been doing is turning OFF low-latency monitoring. I mute the vocal track that they are recording onto and the vocalist hears the direct signal of the mic.

I then create a separate track with the same input as the vocal track and enable Input Monitoring. I put a reverb plugin on it, and set the mix to 100%. This works, because the latency is a non-issue when applied to JUST the reverb.

So the singer is hearing his direct signal as primary, and a reverb from pro-tools.

Is there a better way to do this without having to mute the singer's tracks? Then I have to unmute them for playback.

I feel like there's got to be a better way to achieve this....and I hope I am explaining clearly.

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