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Default Re: Pro Tools First no free (23) plugins showing up

Originally Posted by caz View Post
thank you, thank you.. i'm feeling like a total idiot.. maybe i should have known at this stage to look in audio suite.. but we are moving forward with your help.. those are in fact in audio suite.. however.. the last one.. UVI workstation.. i have created a stereo instrument track and it still doesn't show.. I will assume i'm doing something incorrectly, but I cannot figure out what that might be.. thanks again.. ? Also, UVI is not in the plug ins folder as the others are, and it does not show up in any searches of my mac hard drive.
no worries.
Not sure, but I've just checked. It's here on my end. Have you installed it already? It's available inside your Avid Account

Make sure it's installed correctly. Here's a guide for the installation
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