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Default Re: novice needs help.. PT 1st upgrade / missing plugins

Originally Posted by caz View Post
i'll start simple and hope this is enough info being provided..
i was just made to upgrade to the most recent version of pro tools first (today).. what i had been using stopped opening and i kept getting a message box stating i had no license for this product..
(A).. confusing.. thought i didn't need a license for PT first..
so i dowloaded the recent version and now all of the plug ins that i have and had been using with the previous version of pro tools first will not show up..

Here are the paths i'm aware of:

Library>app support>avid>audio (lots of aax plugins)
Library>app support>digidesign>plugins (lots of older dpm plugins)
Library>app support>audio>plugins (lots of VST and VST3 plugins)

I apologize in advance.. I feel like this seems like some annoying idiot with zero knowledge.. But i was using PT first with my plug ins one day and now, suddenly, I cannot use anything and cannot figure it out on my own.

Thank u in advance..
Not sure, you might be using the Trial version and not First. Third party plugins are not supported to run on Pro Tools First. Only plugins from with the Avid Account, Market Place and Focusrite account are allowed to run inside PT First.
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