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Default Pro Tools First no free (23) plugins showing up

i'll start simple and hope this is enough info being provided..
i was just made to upgrade to the most recent version of pro tools first (today).. what i had been using stopped opening and i kept getting a message box stating i had no license for this product..
(A).. confusing.. thought i didn't need a license for PT first..
so i dowloaded the recent version and now all of the plug ins that i have and had been using with the previous version of pro tools first will not show up..

Here are the paths i'm aware of:

Library>app support>avid>audio (lots of aax plugins)
Library>app support>digidesign>plugins (lots of older dpm plugins)
Library>app support>audio>plugins (lots of VST and VST3 plugins)

I apologize in advance.. I feel like this seems like some annoying idiot with zero knowledge.. But i was using PT first with my plug ins one day and now, suddenly, I cannot use anything and cannot figure it out on my own.

Thank u in advance..
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