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Default Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video Software v10.1.1 Update

I just saw this post. I had posted this in the ProTools 12 forum but it directly pertains to this thread.

"I just thought I'd post this since I just went through a lengthy testing process. My specs are...

Mac Pro 3.5GHz, 32 RAM
OS 10.11.4 El Capitan
ProTools HD 12.4
Desktop Video Utility 10.4.3
Samsung UN55H6203AF television monitor

In a quick summation, no Blackmagic driver from 10.5 - 10.6.3 played back video in synch with audio. Also, all versions of 1080 video, no matter which codec (certainly didn't try them all but tried a few) show up on my monitor cropped when the tv is set to its default 16:9. The cropping was fixed when I switched the tv to "Screen Fit". Driver 10.4.3 is the only version that plays video in synch with ProTools 12.4 in El Capitan even though it isn't supported for El Capitan. I also tried this on a 2012 Macbook Pro and all the findings were exactly the same. I have been communicating with Blackmagic about this and they suggested that I play video out their Media Express player and I did that with the latest driver, 10.6.4, and again, it was cropped on my tv when it was set to the default 16:9, but got fixed when I set it to "Screen Fit". I couldn't tell if the audio was out of synch because I could not get sound out of the Media Express player.

So there could be a couple of things. Those drivers could work in other software or other versions of ProTools or other versions of the Mac OS but they don't work in the latest OS with 12.4. The cropping issue could be more related to the television than to the MiniMonitor but it always worked before with the television set to 16:9 and it doesn't now. Since the monitor isn't a professional monitor changing the television setting is fine and picture is still the same and in synch.

Blackmagic tech did get back to me multiple times but really had no answer besides testing things through the Media Express player. I basically stopped communicating with them because they wouldn't admit that things didn't work and honestly seemed like they were totally unaware of the issues and hadn't tested anything themselves.
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