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Default Re: When I get PT First?

Yay..! Got my copy of PT|First today. FYI I registered on January 23 so there's some sort of 'benchmark' for all of you still waiting...

No real problems downloading & installing. It took me some time to realize I had to download & install XPand!2 thru the in-app Avid marketplace thingy.

Bummer; Can't use any (free!) third party plug-ins. Can't re-name busses/outputs.

Up side; So far |First seems to run pretty smoothly on my underpowered Win7(x64)/i3/4GB Acer AX3950 home machine...

Keep you posted...
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At work; 2013 27" iMac/i5/2.9GHz/8GB, OSX 10.8.5, PT 10.3.6

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