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Default Re: USB Audio Routing Question

Hi Darryl,

What do you mean PT 10 sees it... as the playback engine?
Yes, in the playback engine drop list in PT . When selected, I can record to pro tools. Just can't hear any audio going to my 003.

What exact USB device are you talking about?
Line6 HX Stomp (which can be an Audio Interface for I/O).

The word you are looking for is *monitoring*. Your USB device likely has no hardware monitoring and so you need to use software monitoring in Pro Tools? And its likely you do not have input monitoring (Or track input monitoring if using Pro Tools 10 HD) correctly configured. The Pro Tools Reference guide explains all this.
I don't have PT 10 HD, just PT 10. I have a feeling I'll have to abandon trying to use audio over USB, and just go L/R out into my pre's...

This is a PIA because I'm also using the L6 Stomp on my pedal board for effects on my regular guitar amps. So It will result in a workaround of cable swapping.

My goal was to permanently leave the 1/4" out patch cables as part of the regular guitar rig, and have the usb going to the Mac for recording. Except there is no way to get the audio over to the 003 from PT if HX Stomp is selected as the playback engine. (in which this setting, the stomp will record audio to PT Tracks.

I thought the aggregate would take care of this, but sadly it doesn't.
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