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Default How are you using the track presets 'hack'?

Ive found so many ways to improve my workflow (i mostly work in pop music production)

I use it for:

Presets of every instrument that I commonly use. I use Vienna ensemble pro a lot with plugins like omnisphere and ez drummer so it addresses ram outside of the 4 gigs or so that pro tools 10 can use. I have track presets that pull these up inside of Vienna so I don't have to mess with the VEP interface to get them going.
I use a lot of battery kits for programming. I keep all the battery kits that I've created in my Dropbox folder so I can access them across multiple rigs
I also have lots if instrument presets in a folder. These are tracks that have an instrument with a specific setting and plugins on it. These are usually sounds that I've come up with while working on other songs. It's nice to be able to almost instantly have the b3 sound I had on a song from 6 months ago with the exact same plugins on it. I have TONS of these because it makes my workflow lightning fast.

Presets of routings: I use internal routing in my session to print to an audio track so I have a track preset that creates all the bussing and tracks and also puts all the normal master bus plugins I usually use on the master fader.
Also when I track gang vocals or groups of claps or stomps or something I usually make a bunch if tracks that alternate panning left and right and print to s stereo track once I get the blend and eq/ compression right. I have a track preset that makes like 10 tracks that alternate pan left and right and are bussing to a stereo track. Makes it way faster to print.

Vocal tracks: I have presets that I usually use as a starting point for vocals (all plugin and bus sends for verb dly and throws). Also have fx from different songs that I like

Live instruments: I stick to an exact input list no matter what studio I'm at, so I always know that (for example) the piano is coming in analog 5-6 and 7-8 for the 2 stereo pairs of mics I usually use. Vocal chain always comes in analog 1. There is always a mic in the control room, I let it run constantly during sessions (to reply ideas that come up and might need to be replayed when forgotten). Also dedicated inputs for the acoustic, electric gtrs, bass, keyboards etc
This allows me to pull up any setup of live instruments (including plugins that I use as a starting point)

Just curious of what other ways people are using track presets...
do you think the bass is taking away from my vocals?
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