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Default Re: 003 vs. M-audio firewire 1814

Well this thread didn't really catch on, but I've had the 003 for a few days now and I just wanted to post what I have found just in case someone has the same question.

So here is what I've found.


Pre-amps - infinitely better then the 1814. 1814 sounded very thin and metalic. While I know its a matter of opinion, and most users here seem not really like the oo3 pre amps and upgrade. For me it was a big step up.

Monitoring - Again a matter of opinion, but the oo3 sounds much better with a lot more detail. Nothing else in my studio has changed. Same room, same monitors, but much more defined high end and general clarity. Even when when listening to music (not mine) on my itunes.

Knobs - The 1814 knobs can just keep turning, 360 and 360 again. So if you wanted to return to a gain setting or a headphone/monitor volume it would pretty hard.

There obviously many other pro's but I think these points i could only have discovered by using a 003.


Not much really.

Doesn't work with some of my non-pro apps that require audio.

Only one program can use audio at a time.

Can't play 24bit audio with quicktime or itunes. (6 or 7)

Had to rebuild my computer, as uninstaling m-powered and then installing LE produced bad results.

Thats all I got now.
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