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Default 003 vs. M-audio firewire 1814

So I am about to receive my 003 rack factory in a couple of days. For the last year I have been using m-powered 7.x.x with a firewire 1814. I have finally decided to "upgrade" to LE and 003. I am a semi-professional musician, and use my protools setup to write and record/produce songs for my own album after which I intend to put a band together to perform it. The music I am making is garage rock with a lot of electronics; vocals, guitars, bass, virtual instruments. I use mainly ez drummer and addictive drums because I am unable to have a drum set at home.

I have a q6600 with 4gb on a winxp box. I have a humble pair of krk 5s in a mostly untreated room.

My questions: Am I going to see improved results (soundwise) with the LE and 003 over m-powered with 1814? And if yes how so?

Imac 27' i5 10.6.5
PT9 w/003
Apogee Duet
AWC Mercury
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