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Default Re: bug report/feature request: banking vca spill members

Hi Kyle,

2) was more of a feature request

I do have an update on 1):

The first 3 days after I installed Eucon 3.4 it wasn't working (like I described earlier). Then suddenly it started working (without changing session, restarting protools or doing anything special, except at some point before I disabled 'edit window follows bank selection in pt prefs. re-enabling it did not re-activate the glitch). I reported in a previous thread this was also randomly happening in Eucon 3.2 and it was confirmed by another user - will look for the link)

But right now something interesting is happening: it works correctly on one VCA/group but it does not work on another VCA/group within the same PT session. I've made screenshots of my group and VCA configs and a small video clip showing what's happening on the S3. Is there anyway I can send that to you as I can't post video here?

Unfortunately I still have no idea what triggers this, but at least I can show you exactly what's going on.

Windows 10, PT HD 12.5.0, S3 and Artist Transport Control.
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