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Default bug report/feature request: banking vca spill members

latest S3 manual (91059) p.38:

'To bank to the next or previous bank of the currently spilled VCA members, press Bank > or < Bank.'

This is not working when you also have fixed tracks in the track layout.

Let's say you have fixed tracks on ch1-4. You can still spill memmbers to ch 5-12 (when using 13-16 for the VCA's), but you can't bank through them.
In order to do so, you must activate a layout without fixed tracks (which diactivates VCA spill mode), re-enter VCA spill mode and re-spill the members.

Therefore here's 2 things I think are missing:

1) allow banking thru members when there are fixed tracks in the curent track layout
2) VCA spill mode and selection should remain active when switching between track layouts
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