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Default Re: HD Core accel PCIe Compatability

I managed to get the 192 unit to work for a day then it resorted back to the same issue. I opened the 192 and found the 4.7 ohm vdr (Variable resistor) was burned out (Hence why it was intermittent) the resistance on the vdr decreases when it heats up.(bit like thermistor) and I presume it does this in order to protect the unit from surges. I have replaced the vdr and im getting the error as before.

All psu voltage rails show the following


so theoretically the psu is good but Im going to replace the caps regardless. My question is this as I cannot find any threads with this info.

I presume if all cards are removed from the 192 (IE input and output) apart from the main board with primary port interface and psu it should still be recognised and pro tools should still load if all good as these cards are additional and are not required for booting only when selecting interfaces within pro tools they would be needed?

If this is the case then the interface board may be the issue unless the voltage drops when trying to switch on?

the front of the interface shows the following

Sample rate 48 (Yellow)
Sync mode Int (Green)

But before when it worked loop master lit up green?
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