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Default Re: AVID incredibly poor customer service

Thanks for the ideas.

Sessions aren't real big, no virtual instruments, and it can happen with no plug-ins enabled, and as I don't actually need more RAM I'd rather not have to throw money at it and hope that's the issue. It can happen whilst Pro Tools is launched but with no session open, surely it can't be the RAM.

Tried disabling hyper threading, no luck.

Graphics card I hadn't thought about - single monitor, happens at 1080 and 720, Again changing a graphics card blindly hoping that's the issue is not an appealing idea.

What I really wanted it Avid to spend time with the crash reports and give me some ideas based on the evidence, thanks Tope for chiming in and hopefully getting this thing moving.

I'll keep trying stuff, thanks again for the help. I did notice some other threads on here about crashing on close session and other annoyances, hopefully Avid are working towards better stability in 2019 updates.
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