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Default Re: New Hackintosh / PT7 monster HD PCI Rig


My big problem was not realizing the iBoot disk had to be a boot volume--doh! I finally managed to make a valid CD from Disk Utility and entered the wonderful world of Hackintosh last night.

Here's where I stand now: on my second install I seem to have gotten all the install orders correct. I've even got the beast to recognize the graphics card (ASUS EN210) and it runs pretty darn snappy. I ended up using EasyBeast, did a reboot, installed the NVidia drivers from tonymac, rebooted again, and Bob's yer uncle. Unfortunately the last round of MultiBeast killed the Ethernet, so I'm on the prowl for fixes. I installed Lnx2Mac under MultiBeast, but so far no luck.

It's probably time to install the rest of the RAM and the record drives, no? Did you have to do any MultiBeast magic to get the system to recognize your HD cards?

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