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Default Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working!

Hi there,
I'm trying to use the shortcut to recall a memory location. For some reason it doesn't seem to work!
I have the Command Focus button pressed.
I'm trying "Period+MemNo.+Period". Whenever i press numbers 1-5 it just changes the zoom settings.

I'm on a macbook Pro- I have read elsewhere online that this just might be one of those things that doesn't work with laptops.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Macbook Pro - 2.33GhzIntel Core 2 Duo/2Gb RAM 677Mhz -
OSX 10.5.8
Protools 8.0.3cs2 LE Digi 003+Rack.
G-DriveQ 500Gb ext. hard drive 7200rpm- eSata- Partitioned
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