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Default Re: Mbox Pro 3 Phantom Power On and Using DI

Maybe you can run the Solo preamp in line output mode and pad the Mbox preamp and turn the gain down and the gain staging will work as well as going into the line level inputs. Neither are great, and there is no way to get the Mbox preamp out of the circuit. But you would only know what sounds best by testing the different connections/gain stagings but I would not assume that mic level output from the Solo is where you should start, for any signal.

You have an Mbox and that external preamp... you should be using a TRS terminated cable into the Mbox if for no other reason than to do exactly what you are asking and avoiding spraying phantom power around. You should have just purchased that cable when planning to connect these devices.

Buy a new cable, cut off the end of an XLR cable and solder on a TRS plug (few $), or buy an TRS to XLR adapter (starting ~$5).

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