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Default Re: I bought mpowered 7.4 with free upgrade to ver 8. HOW DO I UPGRADE

Thanks for your response. I used this post because it spoke to my need the best. Yes, my system is old. I prefer it that way because it is very stable and reliable. I don't make any money doing this, I do it purely for the love of it. consequently, I don't have the kind of money to put into newer bigger and better. I run Windows XP SP3, with XEON X3360 quad core I've been running PT MP 7.4cs10 with Pro fire 2626 as my interface since it first came out. I find now that I have a need for more tracks hence the reason for wanting to move to PT MP 8. I understand there may be some challenges, because everyone is moved on to bigger better and Grander.
My ilok manager seems to be working just fine with my current system. If this is not doable I get it. but remember , for almost 13 years or better I have been using the same system, for the exception of my processor which I recently upgraded, so if you can suggest a way around the potential issues that doesn't require an arm and a leg I would be so grateful. Thanks again for your time patience and consideration!

I did however checked iLok and they have legacy iLok manager support for my system. So how do I go about getting a license for upgrading to PT MP8?
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