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Default Re: I bought m oowered 7.4 with free upgrade to ver 8. HOW DO I UPGRADE

Originally Posted by Servon View Post
What if I have a downloaded version of PT MP 8.0.3 from the Digidesign secured download site and simply need a license to upgrade my registered version of PT MP 7.4?

I would like to add that my purchase of PT MP 7 was quite a few years ago, so I obviously don't have the original box or the card, but I do have the authorization number that was given to me when I reconnected with you all a couple of years ago. Could that be sufficient?
You dragged up an 11 year old post about 13 year old software, so you have some things to think about:
1-what OS do you use now?(software that old is not likely to run on any recent computer)
2-what interface are you planning on using?(MP software only works with M-Audio hardware and drivers are as old, and not very good)
3-if you NEED Pro Tools, I would recommend moving to a much newer version(and skip the MP version(which ended with ver. 9) and just get the regular version of Pro Tools).
4-Remember that whatever version you choose needs to be compatible with your OS
5-re MP7.4 to MP8.0.3, the authorization is done with iLok(and I'm not sure that the current version of iLok manager is going to work in any "older" setup)
6-if you just want to make music, Cuckos Reaper is very capable and dirt cheap
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