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Default Plugin Popping with automation enabled?

Hey guys! I have no idea where else to go with this problem. it's been driving me bananas!
The problem is easy to explain..

It seems to happen with sessions that have automation goin on some plugins...

Here's the deal, I don't usually BOUNCE songs, I just play them through a rack of tubes or a compressor, then back into a blank stereo track into protools.. ANYWAYS, sometimes, I get random digital pops.. nothing to loud, like it's not happening on all the tracks at once.. [this happens if I just bounce the tracks the normal way also]

So I hit stop, undo, and record again.. sure enough, same digital pop, but it's not in the same spot it was just at... totally random each time.. sometimes it plays perfect. I also have a problem where if I have a waves reverb with automation enabled, when I hit play, or open up a session, it starts with a LOUD BEEEEEP!. it's shocking... I'm pretty sure these problems are related.

this only happens SOMETIMES.. PRAM, NVRAM, Prefs, new cables etc etc don't fix it.

to test my outboard gear, instead of running out and back into pro tools, I just send the tracks to a buss, and make the INPUT of a stereo audio track that buss, record, and it still happens...

any ideas?! I'm totally stumped.

Protools 7.1cs2[or 3?] Accel2 Mac g4 1.25ghz, doesn't matter what kind of drive I'm on, happens on all drives..

Waves Renn Maxx, C4, and Q10, seem like the culprits... any ideas?

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