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Default Help configure PT with two Apogee Symphony I/O via ThunderBridge


I've been unable to get any sound from a second Apogee Symphony I/O I added to my system via ThunderBridge 64.

I followed Apogee's instructions (on connecting a second Symphony I/O unit to a ThunderBridge 64), and used the Loop Sync feature to make the second one clocked correctly.

I can make it work on Cubase with no issues, I can route tracks to any output from either Symphony unit, but there's no way I can get any sound from the second unit with Pro Tools.

I already re-configured all the I/O settings on Pro Tools, new session from scratch, etc... and even though the I/O settings automatically recognises both units and assigns I/O matrix accordingly, when I route to the second Symphony unit, nothing happens.

Please help

PT 2019.12
macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra
Mac Pro Late 2013

Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16 (primary)
Apogee Symphony I/O 2x6 (secondary)
Apogee Symphony 64 ThunderBridge
macOS High Sierra | Apogee Groove & Symphony I/O | Pro Tools 2019

Non-Avid Employee | Sound Engineer
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