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Default Re: 10.5 iPad Pro support?

Originally Posted by robertg View Post
The dock works well but it sits the ipad too high, I would personally rather see something like an updated artist control, that's almost flush with the desk and doesn't impede the forward view.
Slab controllers and especially slab displays suck. Both from a tactile perspective and from having to lean over them for better viewing angles. On top of that, it would make the whole dock take up more real estate on a desk pushing everything else further back.
If you take out the current detachable support back, the angle is as low as it could be for comfort of the knobs and view.
Originally Posted by robertg View Post
The wheel could also be a lot smaller and not prominently featured in the center.. off to the side somewhere, and then you could fit more buttons or faders.
The Dock is used for more than Pro Tools. The wheel needs to stay as it is. The dock isn't a fader box -- that's what the Mix or S3 is for. The dock mimics the S6 control section.

The only thing I never see get used "right" are the touchstrips. Those could have just been more addressable buttons. (which is how I see they get used anyway).

And "Input" needs to be added to the fader (for every Eucon device that's missing that)
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