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Default Recording a live show questions

Hello all-
My set-up is:
MacBook Pro running 10.5.5, 2.4GHZ, 4 GB RAM
Mbox 2 Pro runnig LE 8.0
My question is:
I am planning to record a live show for the first time: a rock band, 2 singers who play guitar, bass, drums - for about a one hour set.
1. Can I just start pro tools running and let is run for the whole length of the one hour set; can one session be that long? I am not going to be able to stop/start new sessions once the show starts.
2. If so, how big will the file be? How many GB of hard drive space do I need on my external drive to make sure I don't run out of room.
3. Finally, any suggestions on how best to record this? It's a coffee house type gig without a mixing board, so I am thinking about just sticking 2 57s up on either side of the room and hoping for the best. Thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
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