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Default 192 not recognized from Core card, but IS from Accel Card. Advice?

Hello all,

In the middle of a session and upon startup, Protools is saying " no interface can be found ". The order of my cards from bottom to top in a PowerPC G5 is Graphics card, HD Core, HD Accel.

I checked the ribbon cable and re-seated the cards. I only have one interface. When I connect the interface to the Accel card, Protools loads fine.

Both cards show up in the system usage window, just that the accel card is first, then the Core card.

Is there any reason for NOT keeping it this way? As far as DSP is allocated etc? Does it matter at all?

I can't fully troubleshoot right now, and things seem to be working fine as is, but any info I can troubleshoot with later would be great.

So to sum up:

Any detriment to DSP or PT behavior having my sole 192 hooked up to the Accel card instead of the Core card?

Is the order of cards correct? (Stock graphics card, HD Core, HD Accel)

Will Protools blow up if I keep it this way? haha

Thanks in advance
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