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Default Re: Audio track clipping when trying to print

Originally Posted by Ezequiel Severino View Post
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and this is the reason why i joined:

Whenever I try to print a mix and I route it to an AUX track called sub master and that AUX track i then route it to a AUDIO track to print (so Basic printing routing for a mix).

Now my issue comes when i start printing my AUDIO track starts clipping even though my AUX track and my MASTER track do not clip at all.

if i could get a a direction to what or why this is happening that be really helpful.

Thanks a Lot.

Ezequiel Severino

First off Ezequiel, are your meters set to pre fader? If not, change to pre fade & have clips set to infinite.
Secondly, is your sub master fader sitting at 0.00 ?
Thirdly, can you try running the mix while on input monitor on your print track & seeing at which point in the song its clipping.
Fourth, make a stereo master fader & assign its output to your sub masters input. I name this sub m=mNow you can see if your mults that are routed to your sub m are clipping the input because the sub m=m will have clips lit.
Fifth, fo you have a compressor on your sub m ?
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