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Default Re: Gunshot sfx in the movie HEAT

Originally Posted by melloj View Post
It's a fair point but there's a difference between capturing and processing dialogue and cinematic sound fx. I've seen many episodes of deadliest catch and whilst the sound team do a top job, I'd suggest the crew are lavved up.

As for blank ammo, to my knowledge it is the round rifling through the barrel that gives a weapon that huge thump. I've stood feet away from a soldier firing a Diemarco rifle live. I (stupidly) uncupped my ear defender to see how loud it actually was, there's no comparison, it was truly deafening to the point it ruins your day. Blanks don't do that.

I would go with a mixture of location sound supported by post processing and fx. But pure location sound tweaked with a bit of eq and compression? I'm not convinced. It's just too cinematic. And why didn't they do this for Saving Private Ryan? All real gunfire just recorded on a range which takes expertise to do properly and edited in later.
No one on Catch is lavved up (watch when they put on their gear and you'll not see a mic or belt pack/transponder) and even if they were the mics would still pick up all the ocean and wind noise going on. Lavs and belt packs wouldn't take the beating the boat crew deals with.

As to the sound of the rounds in the bank shot remember that a lot of the sound depends on the room and surface therein. Banks can be reverberant as hell.
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