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Default ProTools SE not running

When I try to run ProTools SE a number of things happen:

First splash screen when trying to run ProTools SE.

"Fatal Error - Wobble

Wobble could not be loaded. Please contact the software publisher for support using this software.

Error details:
An internal component for this executable returned an unexpected error and cannot run.
Please reinstall, or contact the software publisher for support."

A second splash screen says:

"Pro Tools Se wants to make changes and Iím asked to enter my User Name Password. I enter that and click OK."

I then get a 3rd splash screen:

"Error trying to communicate with DigiShoeTool. This could indicate a permissions problem with installation. Try a clean reinstall. (-9169)Ē

I have a MacBook Pro and a CD copy of ProTools SE that came with a M-Audio Fast Track C400. This program worked when I originally installed it. I attempted running the Uninstall ProTools program but it wonít complete the uninstall. So to do a new install I trashed the Digidesign Folder before installing ProTools SE fresh from my CD. I get the same error messages with a new install. I know trashing isnít the same as Uninstalling.
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