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Default Fade LENGTH as an option in Preferences>Default Fade Settings

Vote here on ideascale:
Fade LENGTH as an option in Preferences>Default Fade Settings

With a selection of a clip or group of clips, the current behavior in pressing the "F" key with no modifiers is to follow the 'Default Fade Settings' in preferences for shape, but each fade is only 10 ms. I'd like to be able to set a default length as well.

I know there is another idea on ideascale for having the 'keyboard focus F' to follow the settings of the last fade made. While that idea, although different, sounds fine to me as well, I'm not confident Avid will change this protocol back; and in case they do not, I'd like to have this as an option.

So to me, these are not competing ideas necessarily. In fact, I voted up the other idea, and you can feel free to do so as well here. Either way, I think Avid needs to know that the current behavior for this is lacking.

And who knows? Maybe we'll someday have an option to choose what pressing "F" defaults to: last batch fades setting, or the default in Preferences.
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