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Default Re: Really should know this but don\'t, so ...

I would stay away from the Iomega company. They really seem to be taking a dive for the worse.

I work as kinda a tech/sound/video guy here at the college of dentistry. I do alot of the little tech work and we have had problems over and over again. One of the most recent problems we have had have been with thier newer disks. On some of our computers when you put the disk in, it would shut down the computer. Thats never good and people start blaming us for it but what can you do. Also another thing to think about is that while alot of people have just the 100 mb or 250 mb disks, very few other people have anything more than that. I remember when jazz drives were going to be the latest thing and that just never panned out. We had one here for a test drive and had all sorts of problems with it. I guesss i just dont' trust Iomega any more.
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