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Exclamation Re: midi editor Horizontal scrolling is very slow in PTS LE v8.0.3

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
I just tested this and you are correct. This bug was fixed in 8.0.1. The fix was for the Edit Window though. It looks like this was somehow missed. The Horizontal Scroll Fix utility was created for the Edit Window initially, but it would also apply to all horizontal scrolling throughout the PT UI. My MIDI work is all done inline in the Edit window, hence I never noticed this issue myself. This is definitely a bug that needs to be logged.

This one I'm not quite following.

I will attempt to explain this again:
When one click on the a particular place (Bar and or time) on a audio recorded tack, I would place my cursor on spot (bar) then if I double click on the spot it take me directly to that place which I want to edit so I could edit in that place (bar or measure). Now with the midi editor if I do the same it takes me to the begin of the midi track instead of the spot (bar or measure) where I placed my cursor and click on.
As far as I know midi works the way audio in terms of editing tools, or is this feature different to the audio. If so how would I do this then, meaning place my cursor on the midi track on a spot (bar or measure) click on the (bar or measure) so I could go to selected spot (bar or measure) to edit my selected spot (place in a bar or time on the track).

I hope this is more clear....
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