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Default Re: Why so expensive son? (cost of audio education)

I went to the Institute of Audio Research in 95 for about 10k. Aside from soldering and electronics, much of what was covered no longer exists (tape machines, splicing etc). It could've got me a job (I interned at a place but decided to go home)... and that would've been worth the admission price I suppose. But I didn't decide to stay in NY.

I live in a very small town and parents are always asking me about sending their kids to school for it. I usually tell em that if the kid was never around ANYTHING like modern record making equip/people... it might be worth it. But I also say that the kind of kid that is really into this stuff would do better to
Buy a little setup, find a studio to intern at, and they'll gain infinitely more practical experience.

I let interns from local schools come here. They cover pro tools for a few weeks if that, they go over mic placement even less, and forget about the psychology of dealing with musicians lol. All that stuff is critical... to me at least.

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