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Default Re: HDX and ADC issues offline bounce

Remember, that with HDX, what you're hearing is summing on the physical DSP chips on the HDX card. You're making decisions all day, based on what you're hearing.

When you do an offline bounce, the entire mixer is being recreated on the intel CPU (including "Heat"), and rendered in faster-than-real-time. So, a mix environment is being rebuilt in the background and generating a result that you've never heard. I can assure you that mixing in Native world is quite a bit more capable than mixing in HDX world (other than the crippled voice count). Sounds SO much more open and the reverb tails sound quite a bit smoother all the way down.

I can assure you, as somebody who has an interface setup (Merging HORUS) that allows me to switch between the HDX playback engine, and the Intel-based playback engine (via Ravenna CoreAudio driver), that the sonic difference between the two is quite substantial.

Unless I was working all day on a mix for maybe a TV show in a Native (Intel CPU) mix environment and was in a hell-fire hurry, there's no way I would bounce a mix for a song without hearing it go down. It's important. It's our job to make sure that what our clients hear is what we heard. Not casting judgement here, just saying that if you do an offline bounce it actually takes longer, because now you have to listen to the entire file before you send it out...

Just some thoughts...

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