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Default Re: Pro Tools 9 Crossgrade/Activation Issue

Originally Posted by georgekant View Post
Yes , I understand that I will buy this since I use mpowered protools, but when it asks for hardware serial what should I put? The serial of my project mix? This wasn't bought with protools. That is what I want to know before I spend these money.
From what I understand a PTMP crossgrade only requires you to have a PTMP license on your ilok. It will let you purchase and download 9. But you will have to go to and essentially swap your PTMP license for the PT9 one. If you don't have a PTMP license on there ilok won't install the PT9 license.

However with PTLE crossgrades, you have to have a hardware serial number to activate PT9. And yes this is the hardware serial number on the unit. I had no issues crossgrading my system. :)
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